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Introducing "All Good Again" – an ambient musical journey crafted with delicate synth notes.
All Good Again – Ambient Synth Relaxation Music

Introducing “All Good Again” – an ambient musical journey crafted with delicate synth notes. The track embodies an air of serenity, making it an ideal companion for study sessions, meditation, or simply laying back and letting go. Step into a world where everything feels calm, dreamy, and all good again. Explore the vast expanse of minimalistic soundscapes and allow the music to guide your thoughts and emotions.

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Kjartan Abel is a composer who creates original music and soundscapes for a range of media projects, such as YouTube videos, podcasts, television shows, games, art installations, and feature films. His work is influenced by artists like Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, KOTO, Laserdance, Røyksopp, Tangerine Dream, and Kraftwerk. He is known for creating immersive musical experiences.

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Whether You're Looking For The Perfect Song To Enhance A Movie Scene, Or You Want To Add Some SynthWave To Your Next Podcast, Mystery Things Is A Great Choice.

Whether you're looking for the perfect song to enhance a movie scene, or you want to add some SynthWave to your next Podcast, Mystery Things is a great choice.