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Hi there,

I am Kjartan Abel

Striking chords in the real world & pixels in the virtual.

Recent blog posts, products and music uploads:

Improve Concentration And Retention With Binaural Beats

Improve Concentration and Retention with Binaural Beats

Deep binaural beat focus music is a powerful tool to improve concentration and memory. Give it a try and see the benefits for yourself.

The Cosmic Calm: A Journey Through The Astral Void

The Cosmic Calm: A Journey Through the Astral Void

In the vast reaches of space, where the fabric of reality is stretched thin, Commander Evelyn Dray drifted in a most peculiar state.

I Quit X Formerly Known As Twitter: A Stand Against Toxicity

I quit X formerly known as Twitter: A stand against toxicity

I’m quitting X, formerly Twitter, due to rising toxicity. It’s time to choose respect and well-being over hate and division.

Half-Baked Melodies: Disco

Half-Baked Melodies: Disco

Disco is part of the Half-Baked Melodies collection – a reflection of the artist’s brainstorming process, where you get to hear all the half-baked ideas and unfinished melodies.