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Hi there,

I am Kjartan Abel

Striking chords in the real world & pixels in the virtual.

Recent blog posts, products and music uploads:

Description: This Featured Image Artistically Captures The Essence Of A Bygone Industrial Era, Seamlessly Integrated With Modern Technological Elements. At The Forefront Is A Vintage-style Conveyor Belt Adorned With Historical Artifacts, Gears, And Mechanical Parts, Symbolizing The Rich Tapestry Of Industrial History. The Backdrop Features An Old Museum Gallery Ambiance, Complete With Brick Walls And Classic Frames, Evoking A Sense Of Historical Depth. Subtly Interwoven Into This Traditional Setting Are Symbols Like Gears And Mechanical Diagrams, Hinting At The Integration Of Contemporary Technology Into The Exhibit.

Interactive Museum Technology: Conveyor Belt Game

Discover Østfoldmuseene’s leap in interactive museum technology with our innovative conveyor belt game, a blend of history and modern tech.

This Image Vividly Depicts A Group Of Diverse Visitors In A Museum, Engaging With Interactive, Educational Games Using Tablets And Virtual Reality Headsets. The Museum Is Adorned With Historical Artifacts, And The Atmosphere Is Lively And Colorful, Capturing The Essence Of Merging Technology With Education In A Museum Setting.

Revolutionizing Museum Experiences with the ‘Serious Game Creator for Museums’ AI

Exploring AI in museums: Enhancing learning & engagement with OpenAI’s GPT Serious Game Creator. A new chapter in interactive history.

Éléments Auditifs: Unveiling A Symphony Of Innovative Soundscapes

Éléments Auditifs: Unveiling a Symphony of Innovative Soundscapes

“Éléments Auditifs” is more than just a collection of sound bites; it’s a gateway to new auditory experiences.

The Newsroom: More Relevant Than Ever In 2023

The Newsroom: More Relevant Than Ever in 2023

Explore why ‘The Newsroom’ remains remarkably relevant in 2023, tackling pressing journalism issues and highlighting the power of media in a changing world

Improve Concentration And Retention With Binaural Beats

Improve Concentration and Retention with Binaural Beats

Deep binaural beat focus music is a powerful tool to improve concentration and memory. Give it a try and see the benefits for yourself.

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