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Using the music

The music on (*.mp3 / *.wav downloadable files) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution BY-SA 4.0 International License (CC BY SA 4.0) unless stated otherwise. This means you can adapt and use my music in your project (including commercial projects) without obtaining permission from me, as long as I am properly credited.

License restrictions

My music can’t be resold on its own; it has to be combined with other media (e.g. film).

Remixes are allowed with proper credit, but the music CANNOT be submitted to audio fingerprinting services like YouTube Content ID or Facebook via music distribution services like Distrokid or This is necessary to avoid illegal copyright claims against YouTube videos (and other similar uses) that feature music from my CC-BY library.

It’s fine and encouraged to use my music in podcasts and YouTube videos, as long as the work isn’t submitted to audio fingerprinting services like YouTube Content ID.

Using my music without giving credit is prohibited

If you are working on a project which cannot provide attribution (for example, a television commercial), the CC-BY license will not apply, and you will need to purchase a license. The type of license you’ll need is determined by the scope of your project and how you intend to use the music. (Send med a request)

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