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If you’re planning to use Kjartan Abels’ music in a video or production, you shouldn’t encounter any issues with YouTube’s automatic copyright detection algorithm. Kjartan Abels’ music has not been registered with Content ID, so it should not be flagged by YouTube’s system.

Possible Copyright Claim:

However, it’s important to note that even if Kjartan Abels’ music isn’t registered with Content ID, there is still a chance that someone could file a copyright claim against your video. This could happen if someone has re-uploaded one of Kjartan Abels’ songs to a streaming service that uses Content ID. In this case, the automatic detection system would flag the song and a claim could be made against your video.


If you are aware of any potential copyright issues with the music you’re using, it’s important to take steps to address and resolve them. The best way to do this is to contact Kjartan Abels directly and work with him to resolve the issue.


Overall, it’s important to be proactive and responsible when using any third-party content, including music, in your online videos and productions. By taking the necessary steps to avoid copyright issues, you can ensure that your videos will remain available on YouTube and other platforms.

78 PULSE: A Dark and Ominous Soundscape for Mysteries and Suspense364364365366368368369
Add Some Synthwave Excitement with Mystery Things282284286286286286287
After the flu120121121121122122122
All I Did Was Wait for You: The Upbeat and Positive Track for Podcast or YouTube776777777779779780780
Altweibersommer: A Mellow and Ambient Soundscape210210210212212213213
April Showers451452453454455456458
Attention is a suspenseful film score licensed CC BY-SA 4.0220220220221221221222
Berlin Town273275276277277277278
Blip Blop Tuesday212212212212214214214
Boschs Garden93939393949494
Crossed Path, a lo-fi instrumental hip hop track licensed CC BY-SA 4.0441442442443444444444
Election Time, Funky Brass Instrumentals for Podcasts and Quiz Games1413141814191419141914211423
Electro Ambient Music: Suspension – Pulsating and Futuristic1110111011101110111011101111
Elevate with BossaNossa, Mesmerizing Minimal Analog Synth131131131131131132133
Enter a World of Suspense with “Darkest Thursday”, A Cinematic Electronic Track359359359361361362363
Escape to a Peaceful World with Sunny Dream: A warm, Relaxation Song347348349350351352352
Flashlight (Version I) - 100% loopable500500500500500502503
Gentle beautiful piano music that is ideal for emotional, sad, and other scenes.1406140814111416141714171417
Gonna be gone80808181818181
Half past murder time96979798989898
Hypnotic and dreamy track comprised of a single minimalist ambient evolving synth216217217219221223223
Japan Sky: Free Instrumental Track with Haunting Piano Melody978979980981981981981
Mysterious Things (Indefinite table mix)152153153153153153153
Noir: A Minimalist and Emotive Piano Melody for Relaxation510512513515518521522
On hold178178178179179181181
Saxophone and piano Nordic-themed soundtrack. Perfect for movies234234234235235235236
Snabba Ladda, Snappy beat, Cheerful feeling!131131131131132133134
Soundtrack for Emotional Projects: Inside the Box Factory294295295296296296296
Stardust, Minimalist Piano Background Music That Evokes Emotion2337234023432343234723482349
There Will Be Stars. Perfect for Suspense and Anticipation221223223224225225225
Time is of the Essence: Minimalist Tune34353536373738
Winterstorm I: A Cinematic and ambient soundscape300300301302302303303
Winterstorm II: A Cinematic and ambient soundscape803804804804804805805