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All Good Again – The Cosmic Lullaby (Early Demo)

This release might be a decent background noise for when you're pretending to be an astronaut or meditating or whatever.

You know that scene in every sci-fi movie where the protagonist is floating through space and everything is all slow motion and super trippy?

This track is basically the audio equivalent of that. It’s got some ambient sounds and minimal instrumentation, so it’s not exactly a masterpiece or anything. But it might be a decent background noise for when you’re pretending to be an astronaut or meditating or whatever. Or you could just put it on when you want to feel like you’re floating through the cosmos.


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Kjartan Abel is a sound designer, music composer, and immersive installation artist, known for his explorations at the intersection of technology and creativity. A seasoned museum nerd, AI enthusiast and tech enthusiast, Kjartan adeptly melds digital innovation with traditional media. His artistry extends to tinkering with Raspberry Pi, crafting unique experiences that resonate in today's tech-driven culture, often exploring the dimensions of space and time. With an MFA in Fine Art Media from The Slade School of Fine Art and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Kingston University, Kjartan’s blog offers a window into his multidisciplinary approach and his journey through the evolving landscape of New Media.

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