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A Day of Delight: Barn og Dyr at Folkenborg Museum

Barn og Dyr at Folkenborg Museum: A sun-filled day of turkey auctions, tractor rides, and meeting farm animals. A delightful blend of tradition and fun!

Bilde av en liten folkemasse på tunet ved Folkenborg Museum. I bakgrunnen av folkemassen ser man Narvestadbygningen fra år 1723
Bilde fra Folkebnorg Museum på Mysen. Foto: Kjartan Abel Nilsen

September 2, 2018, witnessed a unique blend of tradition and fun at the Folkenborg Museum. The event, named ‘Barn og Dyr’, attracted around 500 visitors, bathing in the splendor of a sun-kissed day brimming with joy and life. Imagine this: a rustic setting where the air buzzed with excitement and the grounds teemed with families exploring the wonders of rural life.

The day was packed with activities that offered a glimpse into the countryside charm. Highlights included a turkey auction, lamb butchering, and an intriguing tractor course. The turkey auction was a hit, with little Gustav bagging 2 turkeys for just 20 kroner! It was a sight to behold.

Children were in for a treat, getting up close with baby rabbits, calves, ponies, goats, horses, turkeys, pigs, and chickens. The old Gråtass tractor, parked invitingly outside the barn, was a star attraction. Kids reveled in ‘test-driving’ this piece of agricultural history.

But there’s more! The museum transported kids back in time at the old general store, where they traded Riksdalers for candies. This simple act of ‘paying’ added a dash of excitement to their day. The café and the new museum shop were also buzzing with young customers eager to spend their own money.

Adding to the day’s delight were our friends from Eidsberg historielag, who cooked up nearly 300 waffles. Hungry? Not here! Delicacies like farm ice cream from Bamsrudlåven and Rhubarb drink from Lundeby farm were crowd favorites.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to Eidsberg farmer’s union and other participants who crafted this memorable atmosphere. This day was not just about fun; it was an educational journey wrapped in entertainment, a perfect blend for both the young and the young at heart.

To relive the magic of this day, visit Folkenborg Museum’s website. Join us in celebrating the simple joys of rural life and community spirit.

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