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Meet your future self! Ever wondered what you’ll look like when you’re older? Many of us have regrets. That spiteful thing we shouldn’t have said, that relative we should have spoken to more, that drink we shouldn’t have drunk, that person we should have married, that person we shouldn’t have slept with, those guitar lessons we should have taken. Imagine if you could send a message back to your younger self, advising them to take or desist from a particular course of action. Would your life be better?

Text printed on the recipt:
Should Time Travel be invented or already exist. I have built this waiting room as a place where you and your future self can choose to meet.

Please keep this receipt as a reminder for your future self of the time your were present, but bear in mind that you might be running late or held up due to circumstances beyond your control.

You know how you can be.
Your are welcome to have a seat and wait for yourself.

Materials used: Blue carped, Two painted walls with red stripe, 5 Chairs, Table, Plants, Dead flowers in vase, Newspaper, Magazine, Clock mounted on wall, Trash bin, Desk with chair, Red push button, Receipt machine, Computer, Software.

Exhibited at Slade School of Fine art Final Degree Show, 2009.