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New single: Allura!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of Allura, my new single.

There is a beautiful vocal track on Allura by Jillian Aversa, an award-winning singer who was featured in a KONTAKT library produced by Impact Soundworks.

Allura is a downtempo, melodic tune that was created using the Maschine2 software from Native Instruments.

Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music (on YouTube), SoundCloud (on SoundCloud), Amazon (on Amazon Music), Pandora (on Pandora), Deezer (on Deezer), and Tidal are just a few of the major streaming platforms where Allura is available. It is also available on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and SnapChat.

You may listen to Allura on SoundCloud.
I made an unofficial music video for my own pleasure.
For your listening pleasure, you may hear the initial draft of Allura here.
Screenshot from Native Instruments Maschine2
Native Instruments’ Maschine2 software was used to create Allura, which can be seen in this screenshot.

Kjartan Abel

Musical storyteller and visual/performance artist who produces unique multidisciplinary works incorporating technologies such as mixed reality, computer graphics, animation, audio, and found objects. He graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art with an MFA in Fine Art Media and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Kingston University.

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