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You told me – Uplifting SYNTHWAVE Music

Discover "You Told Me" by Norwegian artist Kjartan Abel—a Retro-Futuristic musical journey blending technology and emotions.

Modern futuristic neon abstract background. Planet and ring in the center. Reflection of light on a wet surface. 3d render

In the heart of Norway, where fjords meet the Northern Lights, a musical visionary emerges. Kjartan Abel, renowned for his creative prowess as a sound designer, proudly unveils You Told Me – a sonic masterpiece that transcends time and space.

This musical journey is not just a song; it’s an immersive experience that invites you to step into a virtual Miami beach, adorned with neon lights and the warm embrace of an orange sun. With You Told Me, Kjartan Abel invites you to join him on this Retro-Futuristic adventure, where technology and human emotions entwine in a symphony of sound and artistry.

Electronic music enthusiasts will find themselves spellbound by the pulsating beats and meticulously crafted soundscape of You Told Me. It’s not just a song; it’s a soundtrack for life’s moments – from the energetic vibes of your gym session to the soothing tones that accompany your scenic drives, BBQ gatherings, or even the peaceful ambiance while preparing your favorite meals.

Crafted with unwavering dedication and an artistic touch, Kjartan Abel’s creative process is nothing short of remarkable. He skillfully wielded the Native Instruments MASCHINE MK3, infused it with the enchanting melodies of U-He Diva and the celestial ABsynth pads by Native Instruments. A Crayon patch from MassiveX VST added a unique dimension, while the Hybrid Keys collection contributed atmospheric piano melodies. The mix was perfected with rhythmic percussion, sweeping transitions, and the ethereal ambiance of Valhalla Supermassive.

Join Kjartan Abel on this musical voyage and let You Told Me be your ticket to a spring filled with vibrant synthwave melodies. It’s not just a song; it’s an invitation to experience a world where technology and creativity converge, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

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Kjartan Abel is a sound designer, music composer, and immersive installation artist, known for his explorations at the intersection of technology and creativity. A seasoned museum nerd, AI enthusiast and tech enthusiast, Kjartan adeptly melds digital innovation with traditional media. His artistry extends to tinkering with Raspberry Pi, crafting unique experiences that resonate in today's tech-driven culture, often exploring the dimensions of space and time. With an MFA in Fine Art Media from The Slade School of Fine Art and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Kingston University, Kjartan’s blog offers a window into his multidisciplinary approach and his journey through the evolving landscape of New Media.

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