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Unveiling the Exclusive Extended Remix: “You Told Me” by Kjartan Abel

Experience the exclusive extended remix of 'You Told Me' by Kjartan Abel—an artistic journey merging technology and emotions

Step into an extended realm of musical enchantment. Dive deeper into the Retro-Futuristic vibes of You Told Me by Kjartan Abel with our exclusive extended remix. This limited-access remix takes you on an even more profound journey, amplifying the fusion of technology and emotions that define Kjartan’s signature style.

Experience the Uncharted:

  • Immerse yourself in an extended odyssey of sound and artistry.
  • Rediscover the intersection of innovation and human expression.
  • Elevate your senses with meticulously crafted beats and melodies.

This extended remix is a hidden gem, accessible only through special links. Prepare to be transported to new dimensions, where music knows no bounds.

Unlock the Remix: Stay tuned for exclusive access details, and be among the privileged few to experience the extended remix of You Told Me like never before. Don’t miss your chance to embark on this extraordinary musical adventure.

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Kjartan Abel is a sound designer, music composer, and immersive installation artist, known for his explorations at the intersection of technology and creativity. A seasoned museum nerd, AI enthusiast and tech enthusiast, Kjartan adeptly melds digital innovation with traditional media. His artistry extends to tinkering with Raspberry Pi, crafting unique experiences that resonate in today's tech-driven culture, often exploring the dimensions of space and time. With an MFA in Fine Art Media from The Slade School of Fine Art and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Kingston University, Kjartan’s blog offers a window into his multidisciplinary approach and his journey through the evolving landscape of New Media.

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