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The 1st Battalion of the Spanish Elephant Army was a group of highly trained and respected elephants who were known for their bravery, intelligence, and innovative approach to military tactics. They were led by Captain Trunk, a wise and courageous elephant who inspired and united his fellow soldiers.

Despite facing many challenges and obstacles, the elephant army remained determined and dedicated to their mission. They were admired by their allies for their courage and determination, and they left a lasting legacy that inspired generations of elephants and humans alike.

In their civilian lives, the elephants of the 1st Battalion were treated like kings and were always welcomed inside stores and cafes, where they enjoyed reading newspapers and drinking coffee with their big trunks. They were a beloved and integral part of the community, and their presence was always a source of joy and inspiration for those who had the privilege of meeting them.

As an avid historian and collector, I have always been fascinated by the 1st Battalion of the Spanish Elephant Army and its mysterious history. Despite the group’s brief existence and the limited information available about them, I have always been determined to learn more about these courageous and intelligent elephants.

Through years of dedicated research and investigation, I have finally been able to uncover a handful of rare and fascinating photographs of the elephant army. These photographs provide a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the group and offer valuable insights into their training, their tactics, and their daily lives.

As I study these precious images, I can’t help but feel a sense of admiration and respect for the elephants of the 1st Battalion. Despite the many challenges and obstacles they faced, they remained dedicated and committed to their cause, and their legacy continues to inspire and fascinate those who are lucky enough to learn about them.

Indistinct deep male mumble, by dynamique
Radio Fuzz for Old Radio Broadcast FF233, by martinimeniscus
soundtrack noise 1940s, by Yuval
Old Film optical track Surface Noise, by JohnsonBrandEditing
Insides of a Fridge 1, by unfa

About the online exhibition:

In the online exhibition titled “Vitreous – This does not exist”, the Norwegian sound designer and immersive installation artist Kjartan Abel investigates the outcomes produced by AI generated art and the ways in which such systems can be incorporated into the creative production process to gain a better understanding of their potential applications.

Using image generators (such as Midjourney) and video editing software, the artist will create a series of animated audiovisual conceptual and abstract videos for the ongoing exhibition. Kjartan Abel incorporates a wide variety of sonic environments and musical compositions into his works, which collectively constitute a substantial portion of the artworks.

What is MidJourney ?

MidJourney is a brand-new, AI-powered tool that can convert any concept into text-based artwork.

Artificial intelligence-powered internet bots can now generate images that appear extremely realistic almost instantly. This could be the new way of commissioning images for non-copyright-required business and promotional content such as book covers, advertisements, journalism, and other non-copyright-required business and promotional content, as well as the new way of producing copyright-free content.

Midjourney) is the most recent artificial intelligence-powered image generator to sweep the Internet. It was developed by a team led by David Holz and based in an independent research laboratory. You can only interact with and receive prompts from this generator via the Discord chat server.

Many users include terms like photorealistic, hypermaximalist, unreal engine, hyper realistic, 8K, Octane render, cinematic, and so on in their prompts.

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