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A fantastic track to go with if you are looking to evoke feelings of intrigue and the unknown in your audience.
Album Cover For The Track Birthday - By Kjartan Abel

A track called birthday

This emotional track is ideal for video intros. It has a deep, ambient downtempo sound with a beat that keeps your audience wanting more.
Album Cover For The Track AFTER THE FLU - By Kjartan Abel

After The Flu

The music is really gentle and comforting to listen to, which is ideal for relaxation.
Album Cover For The Track Flashlight - By Kjartan Abel


Enjoy ten minutes of minimalism ambient music ideal for driving scenes, expansive landscape shots, or drone footage.
Album Cover For The Track Homage - By Kjartan Abel


Enhance your next project with this hypnotic and dreamy track comprised of a single minimalist ambient evolving synth.